Welcome to Quoram LTD.

At the AGM held on 30th November 2017 resolutions were passed to amend the articles of association and re-register Quoram as a private company. A further resolution was passed to approve a consolidation of the companies shares under which shareholders will receive one new ordinary share of £50 for every fifty thousand ordinary shares of £0.001 previously held. Registered shareholders whose shareholding is less than fifty thousand shares, or whose registered shareholding is not an exact multiple of fifty thousand, have a fractional entitlement. Fractional entitlements will be disposed of by the directors and distributed to shareholders in accordance with the articles of association. For further detail please refer to the articles of association and the 2017 annual report

These measures follow the disposal and distribution of the majority of the company’s assets

The principal activity of the Company is the investment in and growth and development of businesses which present opportunities for growth in shareholder value.

The Directors of the company employ a rigorous investment appraisal process to identify investment opportunities offering the potential to deliver gains in the medium term, primarily in the form of a capital gain. The Directors intend to be active investors and to assist in the strategic development and growth of significant acquisitions and/or investments made by the Company.

Quoram Ltd is incorporated in England and Wales (Registration number 03606195) and the main country of operation is the United Kingdom.