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This section of the website  previously contained information required under Rule 26 of the AIM Rules for Companies.  Following the cancellation of AIM dealings in the company’s shares on 11 December 2015 the company no longer subject to AIM Rule 26, the company intends to provide shareholders with comparable information however no assurance can be provided that the information will meet the requirements that would apply under AIM Rule 26. Any such documents may contain information which has become out of date, and accordingly no reliance should be placed on the information or opinions contained in any such document or on its completeness and no undertaking, representation, warranty or other assurance, express or implied, is made or given by or on behalf of the Company or any of its directors, officers, partners, employees, agents or advisers or any other person as to the accuracy or completeness of the information or opinions contained in any such document and no responsibility or liability is accepted by any of them for any such information or opinions. In addition, none of such documents constitutes or forms part of, any offer or invitation to sell, allot or issue or any solicitation of any offer to purchase or subscribe for any securities, nor shall it (or any part of it) or the fact of its publication form the basis of, or be relied upon in connection with, or act as any inducement to enter into, any contract or commitment for securities. The distribution of any such document in other jurisdictions may be restricted by law and therefore persons into whose possession any such document comes should inform themselves about and observe any restriction.

Business Quoram is an investment company. The principal activity of the Company is the investment in and growth and development of businesses which present opportunities for growth in shareholder value. Full details of the company’s investment strategy can be found in the shareholder circular dated 18 March 2013 and available below.
Directors James Ede-Golightly and Christopher Hill Director Biographies
Country of Incorporation England and Wales
Company Number 3606195
Main countries of operation United Kindom
Constitutional documents Memorandum and Articles of Association
(last updated: 15 May, 2012)
Circulars or similar publications sent to shareholders in the last 12 months Circular dated 5 November 2015

Circular dated 18 March 2013

Circular dated 14 May 2012

Auditors Nexia Smith & Williamson Limted
Solicitors DWF
Registrars Neville Registrars
Corporate Governance

The Company is subject to the City Code on Takeovers and Mergers.

The Group complies with the principles of the Corporate Governance Code for Small and Mid-Size Quoted Companies published by the Quoted Companies Alliance in September 2013 so far as is practicable and appropriate given the size and constitution of the Board.

The company has the following disclosures in relation to its governance policies.

  1. The board meets a minimum of four times a year and more frequently when required.
  2. Given the size and nature of the company all substantive decisions regarding strategy and implementation are taken by the board.  All substantive issues are reserved for the board.
  3. All Non-Executive directors serve under contracts subject to three month’s notice. The standard non-executive director fee is £12,000
  4. The Board has established an audit committee. The audit committee receives and reviews reports from the management and the external auditors of the Group relating to the annual and half yearly accounts and the accounting and internal control systems of the Group.  The audit committee has unrestricted access to the Group’s external auditors.
  5. Nomination and remuneration issues are considered by the board and no seperate nominations committee has been established. The board considers this appropriate in light of the small size of the board and the activities of the company.
  6. Chris Hill is a non-executive director and also serves as the Company Secretary. The board considers this appropriate in light of the small size of the board and the activities of the company.
  7.  The Company has adopted a model code for dealing in Ordinary Shares by Directors and employees which is appropriate for an AIM quoted company.
  8. The Company is subject to the City Code on Takeovers and Mergers